It's time to move on...

In September 2018 I started doovice to help aspiring lawyers get great tips on how to excel in their careers. I connected with lots of tremendous people, many still studying and many already in the profession. Building the blog was a challenge without any budget, but I was very lucky to have some great people help me propel it to thousands of unique monthly users after only a few months.

However, after lots of thinking I've decided to shut down the blog and move on to new ventures. So, I want to say thank you to everyone who read, supported and worked with doovice - from our amazing Brand Ambassadors, to our excellent interviewees who shared so many great stories and tips, and finally to all you loyal readers who helped lay out the path and show us where to go.

I expect to begin new projects soon and hopefully work with many of you again. Until then, best of luck, stay focused, and keep your head up.